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Hello everyone,


I felt is needed a little bit of disscusion about this new launch that will be on the 29 May!




Well first of all you have to know that Affilorama Group Ltd. is going on since 2006. Figure how did the managed to stay online since then and why anyone and I mean anyone hasn’t said a thing about these guys?

Well……cause all this time they have offered us consistent programs and advices!

I tried to find something about them that will make me and you not join……….but nothing!!

I this time they have brought us many ideeas and tips about how to make your site saw by others and, most important,  how to monetize your site. Other great feature that is teached there is how to be a succesful affiliate – how to make a living with your affiliate links!

You will not find here things like: MAKE $1000 IN ONE HOUR! They will help you make money, step by step and not over night!

They have there a forum and even a blog, where you can find other people that are using this site or others that are willing to know if this is a REAL thing.

See the blog and forum here: affiliorama


I can’t find other way to tell you that if you are looking for real guys that can help you make real money online, maybe just ONE MORE THING:





So don’t trust me! Go and see for yourself! These are some futures that are offered with the 3.0 version of the AFFILOBLUEPRINT:


This brand new AffiloBlueprint includes all the great lessons of the previous version, including teaching you about:


  • Doing your Market Research
  • Finding profitable niches
  • Creating a quality affiliate website
  • The best SEO methods to get your site ranking
  • Getting started with email marketing
  • Taking email marketing to the next level so you get the big commissions
  • How to succeed with the Google content network


All these lessons have been overhauled and updated for 2012 (including post-Panda and post-Penguin updates). We’ve also expanded several sections, including:

  • More than tripling the link building and off-page SEO strategies we teach you
  • Adding a very important section where you’ll learn how to think like a millionaire
  • An upgraded detailed training in email marketing (the cornerstone of my online marketing empire)
  • Teaching you in-depth about content creation
  • How to profit from several other affiliate programs (Clickbank, other digital products, physical products, CPA are all covered and more!)
  • Brand new training in success with the Google Content Network
  • Special bonuses (more on those closer to launch)


Well, I think I’ll see you in,




Is AFFILOBLUEPRINT 3.0 a product that makes money online.


Is AFFILOBLUEPRINT 3.0 a scam product or it really works. Another key imporant factor is the display of the handset. The bigger the display, the easier it is to use and browse through the map. And here is something that might not cheer you: accessing GPS drains your phone’s battery quickly. Today, most of the smartphones available in the market are loaded with maps. On iOS and Android phones, Google Maps come by default.

Does AFFILOBLUEPRINT 3.0 Realy work

Does AFFILOBLUEPRINT 3.0 really works or it is just another crap program.

Will AFFILOBLUEPRINT 3.0 make money for me

Will AFFILOBLUEPRINT 3.0 make money for me or it will be just another scam program.

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