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Computer and SmartPhones Games on the Market

There are actually at present a good number of AR computer games available, however as the technology remains in its beginnings regarding smart phones not many among these game titles are especially clean or seamless when it comes to interfacing the real world together with the digital. Although here are a few of the finest out there at the moment.



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Parallel Kingdom -As per their site Parallel Kingdom is regarded as “a mobile location based massively multiplayer game that uses your GPS location to place you in a virtual world on top of the real world.” You will find a ton of massively multiplayer online role playing game’s (MMORPG) everywhere in recent times but this is one of the first augmented reality adaptations (ARMMORPG??). Though the idea offers a stack of possibility this particular gameplay still is relatively primitive but nonetheless is making some waves and at least one of the large positive aspects is that the software is cross-platform, that means the iphone players can play against/with android end users and so forth .. It also contains a very nice social component, there are a number of different methods to communicate with many other gamers.


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Sky Siege 3D is an augmented reality first person shooter, where you blast down opposition fighter planes, helicopters as well as blimps from wherever you may be right at that moment. This particular immersive three dimensional experience cannot be played out seated as you are attacked ranging from 360 degrees and have got to always be continuously moving around to combat and destroy ones enemies. Now this is definitely a bona fide AR gaming adventure incorporating your current natural world in real time by using an addictive shooter. Making use of your smartphones compass and extending your equipment to the limit it could be somewhat slow on mobile phones with restricted processing power. Overall Sky Siege is actually where its at in terms of first person shooter AR mobile gaming at the moment.



SpecTrek is actually an AR ghost hunting game, where you need to obtain ghosts and ghouls within a map of one’s current specific location, hunt them all down and snare them. Making use of your phones Gps device you’ll have to actually proceed through your current setting to trap each of these spirits, which can be much more involved compared to a lot of AR computer games at this point around but it can be a heck of a lot of excitement.


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Top performing AR computer game for both the android and itunes stores, its AR integration is without question seamless and fully simple to use. Even though the geographical feature of the play may lead to one or two logistical concerns found in a built up environment, subsequently it is best performed in an open area or park. Over-all SpecTrek is considered the benchmark for AR online gaming.

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