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Commission Hack Final Review

Thanks for being patient and it’s finally done. So, without further ado…

Here’s The Review Of Commission Hack


No fluff, no filler – Just what you want and NEED to know before purchasing. Commission Hack is the latest and greatest product by the Million Dollar Internet Legends Steven Johnson and Andrew X. There are various questions which come into mind about the actual product and its usage, so let us move directly to the Commission Hack review to get clear insights on it.

What Exactly is Commission Hack?



The main product is a Wordpress plugin using which affiliate sites can be launched quickly and easily for any category. There are no technical skills required.  Usually many such plugins are made to serve just one purpose, but the plugin of the product Commission Hack makes the following things possible:

1) Content

2) Traffic

3) Monetization

 This plugin will literally have everything sorted out for you: content, traffic and monetization. For all newbie affiliate marketers this is the one plugin that is going to help you go from earning nothing to making thousands a month very quickly. For those that are advanced you are going to have the opportunity to massively scale your business to lengths that were not possible before.



Does Commission Hack Actually Work?


Seriously with the latest penguin update by Google, I really did think that Affiliate marketing was over. Creating tiny sites that ranked well in Google just didn’t seem to be an option. But Steven Johnson and Andrew X made me and every other affiliate marketer out there look like donuts…

Why? Because affiliate marketing is NOT dead. This incredibly simple (but extremely powerful) plugin that is Commission Hack does work – and it does a lot more than just work… its revolutionary. There are clear and systematic video tutorials which explain the usage and features of this plugin. After buying, you will also have the option to get into the private coaching program and access to “Done For You” affiliate templates.

 Your focus should be on creating as many sites as possible. Commission Hack is focused on doing the same simple strategy over and over. There is not so much to say about this plugin because it is not an information based product. BUT, the plugin in itself is really powerful because of the features combined into it. The creators Andrew X and Steven Johnson are popular names and they don’t need any introduction.





As told before I went an purchaice this new product to see how it works and if it is really worth it.  Well… tell you the truth is almost the same with the point click commissions WP plugin from Andrew x and Steve Johnson.

After 4 upsells, $297, $197, $97, $97 and then a domain and a year of hosting with another $197. That’s what you get. I ordered the original offer $47. Clicksure is the payment processor, no clickbank… I think they’re original “point click commissions” got banned from clickbank, and no paypal.

You think if this is a problem or not! I’m saying here what it is all about and you do as you consider. I just can’t believe they had the fortitude to actually leave the name the same in the member’s area, except call it something new…. a “hack”.


Remember you can allways try the 2 online products I’m using and that are making me money day in and day out!

<– See my: PRODUCTS THAT WORK PAGE for details! –>


Tip: I have always looked at what other users are saying about online money making programs! The are not always the pure truth! But you can understand and find out what these programs are all about! See Warrior Forum for more information.

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